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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Podcast update

I put the point for Lake Meech on the map as close as I could without
finding the exact coords. You can find the lake by looking on the
northwest side of Ottawa for Lac Meech.

Also, Tamsin informed me that this is NOT the location of Ironman
Canada. Still, it's where many triathletes train for open water swims.


Friday, August 26, 2005

Ironwomen of Canada

Hey, tri-studs! Here is the latest show, chock full of audio from two hard core female triathletes swimming the Ironman Canada swim course. Also, witness the destruction as Kai smashes his way through the house. Check for a Google Map of our Canadian friends' location. If somebody can give me the exact coords of Meech Lake (Lac Meech?), I'll move the marker to the proper location.

Zentri played on podclimber

The boys at have listed part 1 of my bouldering field report on their website at If you listen to my show, you've already heard it, but it's proof-positive that most podcasters are very happy to get audio from listeners. If there's a podcast out there you're wanting to talk back to, give it a try!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Google Maps added to the podcast!

I am very excited to announce that I'm adding the podcast locations to a Google Map. Check out the first sample at Soon, all of the podcasts will be listed this way and you will be able to search for 'casts geographically and also easily see the surrounding terrain. Races, downhill bombing runs, wildlife encounters, open water swims, it'll all be there!

Tour of California

Looks like we'll have another Tour de Georgia style race in the U.S. next year. Active Radio broadcast a show today containing the details of Tour of California: a 7 day stage race in February of 2006. Check out the details here -

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Todd the Greased Sprocket

This show is from the grueling heat in the cotton fields of Nowhere, TX. Magically, I conduct a Gizmo interview with Todd about his cycling abilities. I also discuss the UV protection found in everyday laundry detergents, training with disabilities, and hella-cool eyewear.

Listen to the show HERE.

After the ride, I did a brick run and quickly regretted it. I got home and walked straight into the cold shower, clothes on and all. Since then, I've gotten a new audio file from another listener in Canada describing a cold 2.4 mile swim without wetsuits. That will be in the next show along with an email from my next race's staff explaining what drink will be available on the course.

Also, if you ever wonder if you're alone in enjoying the show, you're not. Check out one of the emails I got from a listener:

"I just listened to your Bombastic program and was laughing so hard when you went barreling down that hill trying to do 50mph. My co-workers think I am nuts. I was pulling for you though, I hope you make it one of these days. Oh, BTW I started my Tri training last night with the new Garmin Forerunner 301, that thing is awesome! keep up the cool podcasts, they keep me going during the day. "

Oh, don't you worry. I'll hit 50 soon. The rocketpack is being built by Quintana Roo as we speak.

Oh, Canada!

Check out the interview with the newest and most intense tri-geek on the block. We use Gizmo Project to chat about being a newbie in the home country of Cervelo Bikes.

Listen to Podcast with Renee

I also talk about the benefits of rock climbing. Check out the best rock climbing podcast at

La Jolla Swim

Emily hits the water in La Jolla, CA. Listen to the podcast here. Water was brisk and exhilirating. We swam half and full miles out to the bouy in medium swells while Kai watched (drooled).