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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Ever Swim with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight?

You're looking at the shownotes from today's podcast. I wrote them on Tyvek paper and they spent two hours being wadded up and sweated on in the leg of my bike shorts. Tyvek is pretty durable stuff! (It must be, to survive that kinda abuse. Barf.)

I talk at length about the dilemma facing Ironman. Check out the article about it here.

The big news is that we're going to see a free concert tomorrow in Austin. It's Cheryll Crow and Lance Armstrong will be speaking. If you're in the area, check out the details here. We'll be touring the different triathlon shops in the area to see what's new and also hitting Barton Springs for an open-water training swim.

Ok, the even bigger news is that we've got some guardian angels looking out for us at Apple. Two of the guys who work on iTunes are triathletes. They love Zentri and want to put our logo on the front page of the iTunes Podcast page. This is HUGE for Zentri because we will get a big jump in listeners, at least for the short term. Thanks, tri-guys! To prep for the onslaught, I'm having to post all new shows on a server that allows unlimited bandwidth. This is costing me at least an extra $5 a month. Anybody want to be the sponsor for that $5?

Buried somewhere in that audio, I make some comments about swimming at night under the moonlight and how to perform "front quadrant swimming". It supposedly makes you swim farther more easily, so don't miss out.

Everybody be careful out there on the bike. Lot's of drunks are careening around because it's football season. Listen to the podcast and take your time doing whatever it is that you do. Quality over quantity, yos.

-Brett, father of the birthday boy.


Blogger Sharen said...

Guess I'll have to type here (in the box?? Soooo not Sha!) to merit mention on your site!! Miss you, see you tomorrow - HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY KAI!!!! Don't forget who was there from the first contractions and slept on the floor to see your tiny self, Beautiful!! Love Always....Aunt Sharen

10:31 PM

Blogger Flatman said...

Yes. Happy Awesome First Birthday to you Kai! Hope you have a blowout party!

Big props on the ITunes news! You are gonna be sooooo bigtime!

Get ready...

I'll be back later to comment on the newest 'cast...I haven't listened to it yet.

8:08 AM

Blogger Jameson said...

Congrats on the iTunes news. That is really awesome. Do you have any way of tracking subscribers to see if there is a jump and if it lasts?

keep us updated!

1:21 PM

Anonymous heidi said...

I got on my stationary bike tonight for a 15-mile spin with your Saturday morning "pre Sheryl Crow & Baby Birthday" ride on my iPod Shuffle. I really enjoyed the show--I especially love the shows where you're doing an activity or describing an activity that you just did because those shows are always extra motivation for me; like how you got on the bike and said you were doing 30 miles, so I decided that my pathetic 15m wasn't enough...I had to up it to 30m. Your comments about the "product placement" and product namedropping/marketing are interesting to hear, too. I enjoy the topics of business and technology, so whenever you talk about these things, it's always welcome. You're also quite funny, so I think that's another reason why the Apple guys think you're great.

10:37 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

During this podcast you talked about "funk" growing in your Camelback. An easy way to solve the problem is to store the bladder in the freezer when you get home. Problem solved :-)

3:52 PM


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