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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Lance thanks Austin

We're sitting in the field where Cheryl Crow is putting on a free
concert along with Lance Armstrong to thank Austin for all the support
the City has given him over the years. Almost everybody has something
yellow on. This might be the only concert where it's ok to wear a
cycling jersey. Kai has on a minature yellow Discovery team jersey on.
Lance will be doing some presenting and the mayor will speak as well.
I'm taking lots of video, audio, and pics to share in future podcasts.


Blogger K. Todd Storch said...

Very cool!! Can't wait to see the pictures!


3:02 PM

Blogger Sharen said...

Loved seeing you guys & Kai Bear!! Miss you & hope you come back soon to stay!!

7:17 PM

Blogger texafornia said...

Brett B. said...
This is response to this question - "Jameson said...
Congrats on the iTunes news. That is really awesome. Do you have any way of tracking subscribers to see if there is a jump and if it lasts?"

I can only measure the number of hits in iTunes. It looks like over 200 people are checking out Zentri every day. I have no way to measure the count of listeners subscribing or checking out the show any other way, but I can get an overall volume count. 75 gigs of transfers a month. That's a lot. Heck, that a TON. I've engineered the iTunes feed so it only lists the last 10 because people have a bad habit of downloading all the shows and not listening to them and that counts against my bandwidth cost.

I also get tons of listeners that check out the show on, directly from my website, and who knows where else. So, let's just guess and assume that I get 300 listeners a day. That's about the same as a really busy bike shop. I like those numbers! There was a time, long ago, when we were only getting 20 hits a day.

6:14 AM

Blogger Flatman said...

Very cool...I am jealous.

I can't wait to hear how it went!

6:16 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brett my Forum account has gone stale but I'm back on line and have loads of news and race reports

Many thanks Kevin

8:57 AM

Anonymous Brett B. said...

Awesome. Just get me the review any way you can (or ask for help) and I'll post it or even read it on the air.

3:14 PM

Blogger Poole said...

Hi Zen Tri!

I think the podcasts are great. I have recently got into triathlon and did the UK 70.3 three weeks ago, it rocks! I think it's mad that I can hear your ideas and escapades over here in London! It's crazy when you talk about the 100 degree heat - hahaha, it's freezing here.

Keep it up!


PS, following your Podclimber reference me and my flatmate have got listening to their's too. I am a alpine fan and he is one of Yosemite's biggest fans and best UK aid climbers.

10:26 AM

Blogger Kevin said...

bret can you mail me as I seem to be locked out of the Forum
and I dont really know if this is the place to post the race report from the wilderness ARC

3:57 AM

Anonymous Brett B. said...

Kevin, email me (texafornia at and I'll send you the new password. Can't wait to read the report!

6:19 AM


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