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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Unsweetened Ice Cream

This podcast is an interview with Emily; quite the amazing person. She's an insulin-dependant diabetic, mom, and a true hardcore triathlete. I've been wanting to interview her and share her story for a long time, so I used our time together during a car ride to Brenham, TX for a family reunion to get her undivided attention. Brenham is the hometown of Blue Bell Ice Cream and very historic and pretty.

I also recorded some audio while on a bike ride with a friend this morning and will have that out in a couple of days. My long saturday run of 9 miles was split between a 6 mile AM run and 3 mile PM run. I had some sore and pulled muscles, so I had to hold back from doing my usual 12. Later!


Blogger DaleNixon said...


I've subscribed to your podcast on itunes about 2months ago. I am not a tri-athlete by any stretch. My longest run was a 5k. I saw your podcast and gave it a listen and I've been hooked. Your stories are very inspiring and make me want to work up to doing my own triathlon. Your show has inspired me to try a 1 mile swim across Bear Lake in Kalkaska, Michigan. Thank you again for all the inspiration and keep up the good work.

Rochester Hills, MI

7:27 PM

Blogger texafornia said...


Congrats on the swim effort. Open water swimming can be the most insanely intense thing you ever do. Throwing yourself into a body of water and trying to make it to the other side can be very scary, but usually is pretty harmless. It's totally mind over matter. Confidence in the water is something most triathletes can only wish for, so count yourself amongst the few really brave ones that do it just for kicks. That or you're just mental. ;)

Glad to provide you with inspiration. I may help, but everything you do you already had inside of yourself. Rock on!

7:43 PM

Anonymous Igal Feurstein said...

I've subscribed to your podcast on itunes today! I love it! I'm a triathlate from Israel and it is great you share your experience with the rest of the world. The video thing is great, now I can see how things happens in other parts of the globe. We have here a big Tri comunity, so I'll let other triathlates on our forum to join the podcast!
I'm waiting to the next show...
Igal Feuerstein

1:54 PM

Anonymous texafornia said...

Looks like we've gone totally global! Listeners in Singapore, Scotland, Australia, and now Israel. Only places left are South America and Antartica. I'll talk about you in a future podcast and look forward to getting some audio or pictures from your part of the planet.

5:03 PM

Blogger Darren Siow said...

I've been listening to your podcasts for a few weeks (started with Rock Solid in Dixie). I want to tell you that you, Emily and Kai are really inspiring! I look forward to each instalment of your podcast. Btw, I think raw audio is great! We need some real reality, especially after all the so-called reality TV programs out there. I digress...I want to say again how much you and your family are an inspiration to me. Like I mentioned before, here in Singapore the next triathlon is happening on 22nd October (3 days time) and it's the New Balance Corporate Tri. We're all very excited about it especially coz we (Hewlett-Packard) are the defending champions. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Keep up the good work! And thanks for all that you're doing! =)

7:52 PM

Blogger EALY_BLOG said...

I, too, think your podcast is great inspiration for those seeking to go above and beyond the normal exercise routine. I applaud Emily for not letting diabetes slow her down. I've been insulin-dependant for 22 years (18 when diagnosed) and finally went on a pump last December. One of my pumping goals was to get back in shape again and running seemed like the easiest thing to do. I've run two 5k races and hope to continue running. The triathlon is of interest as I'm also an avid biker and given my age swimming is probably the best sport for me now! I'll keep listening and please have Emily talk more about her diabetes and the training issues she faces. Before I went on a pump my workouts were low blood sugar nightmares galore and since the pump I have not had one bad hypoglycemic event! That speaks wonders for pumping and exercising! Keep making triathletic arts with your podcasts!

11:33 AM

Anonymous Emily said...

Hey this is Emily. :) I just wanted to say hello to everyone and thanks for all of the positive feedback for Brett's show. He really enjoys doing it and I'm glad so many of you like it and find it inspiring. To those of you who have written in about me being diabetic and also a triathlete, thanks for your support and again if I can try to answer any questions please by all means ask me. :) So, keep checking out Brett's show and hope you continue to enjoy hearing about our little family and the amazing world of triathlon.

7:42 PM


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