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Zentri Army Frappr! Map Photos

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Austin Tri-fecta

Click here to listen to our trip to Austin. Show notes are below:

Live to the flash drive at the Zentri Podcast Studio (iRiver in the cargo pocket of my camo pants)

24 People on Frappr. 1/3rd of Slashdot Review.

Check out the photos. Austin's famous drag queen (Leslie ran for mayor) on a Cervelo.

On Today's Show - Went to Austin and Profesor E. tested out bikes and wetsuits. Tested: Endless Pool, profile design UCM, Cateye compact safety light, Everlast pedometer, capped off with a rocking song by Chiba-Ken.

Items: Audio from Austin Trip. Three shops are the trifecta of triathlon shopping, wrapped in a Chuy's tortilla. Restaurant first, then us in the endless pool chamber, then us again moments after we were in Bicycle sport shop.

(Audio from trip played next)

Zane (Jack and Adam's) was great help, owners of two shops clueless about podcasts. I offered promotion and they declined, so call them up or visit and say something!

Reviews -So you heard Professor E lovin' the
Endless Pool. It is really cool. Link on the blog. Profile Design Universal Computer, MountCateye compact safety light, Everlast pedometer

Song: The Distance From Here
From the Podshow Podsafe Music Network


Cyclists' Revenge, Dead Mic, and Aerobic Fitness

Hey, Trigeeks! I was all set to wrap up a killer show last night and my mic died. Rest assured there is a great one in the works.

Here is a really funny game circulating the web right now. It's where a cyclist mows down pedestrians and it's in Japanese. Of course, cyclists mowing down cars would be better, but whatever. See if you can beat this high score - 2973.48 Meters.

I got this email from Brian and thought I'd share it and the answer with all the listeners:

You guys talked about training by heart rate and I'm trying to wrap my head around the anaerobic vs. aerobic training science. OK, so you run slower and to a certain heart rate; then the more you run at this heart rate does your body get more accustomed to the workout, hence dropping the heart rate and then allowing you to run faster in order to reach the original HR? If that's how it works I can understand that, but it seems like you would have to run for longer distances and very frequently. And besides the risk of damage to your muscles, joints, etc., I'm trying to figure out how running shorter distances at a quicker pace and higher HR can have a negative effect on your times. That having been said maybe I need to go back and listen to the podcast again.

Hi Brett,
My name is Joe Sulak, I'm the owner of Peak Fitness and am currently coaching Chris Matus who you heard speak on the podcast. I will try to answer your question but let me know if I miss something. The most important aspect of any training plan is the base or foundation. This is the foundation which everything else is built upon. Running aerobically gives your body the ability to become efficient at using oxygen. If you're always doing shorter runs at a fast pace, your not giving your body variety in training, enough aerobic work to become efficient, and you're over stressing only one aspect of training. The result is always a decreased aerobic capacity and overtraining symptoms. Running is primarily an aerobic sport, so it only makes sense to have a high aerobic capacity.
I hope that helps,
Joe Sulak

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Kill a Cyclist and Get Charged with a Misdemeanor

Read this story and tell me if you think the punishment would be more severe if he wasn't on a bike.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Bonus Run

I take Cody with me on a 3 mile run and discuss lots of fun issues. The audio quality is great, so listen to it here.

I talk about the new Frappr! map and how it, the new weather "button", and my public workout log have significant impacts on the show. I also mention some discoveries about Chinese cycling, the results of my few minutes as a cycling activist (Yay!), and winter training goals after Cody manages to pick a fight with another dog. Don't forget that I'm now including images with the podcast, so look for them in your iTunes window. This 'cast has four images from Todd's trip to the Ride for the Roses.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Zentri Army Map

Hey, Tristuds! I created a Frappr! map for us to use as our own. Just go to (or visit the link on the right side of this page) and add yourself and find out if other listeners live nearby. Don't forget to upload photos and they'll end up in the scrollbox of this very blog!

I'm about to head up to a local government meeting to advocate additional bike lanes for my city. They video record the meetings, so I might be able to provide a link to the clip of me fighting for cyclists' rights pretty soon. Cycling is Life!

Tenacious B.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Hot Gatorade Cider

Click here and listen to a podcast full of cold weather training tips. We have audio from freezing run, biking, and swim workouts and from a long bike ride through the Texas countryside. Also, we have listener audio from the Ride for the Roses. I spend time talking about Phedippidations, a great podcast very similar to Zentri. Lastly, we've recruited Andrea Fisher for an interview. Here's some of her career highlights -

» Tall Texan Half IM» Blackwater Eagleman» Buffalo Springs Half» Gulf Coast Half » Halfmax
» 2nd IM Florida 2000 » 3rd IM Wisconsin 2004» 3rd IM Canada 2003» 3rd IM Korea 2002 » 4th IM NZ 2004» 4th IM Canada 2000 » 4th IM USA 2001» 5th IM Florida 2004» 5th IM USA 1999 » 5th IM Australia 2002 » 13th IM Hawaii
» NCAA Champion » 18-time All-American » 3 National Records » USA National Team

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Zentri TV - Giant Bicycles Demo

Click here to see the video and witness the drama as Professor Erich and I cover an insider's view into the inner workings of Giant Bicycles. We get the scoop on how they make their bikes, why they use certain geometries, what materials they use and why, and what's up with their tri-bike line in the near future.

The production of the video is really good and stay tuned to the end for some funny bloopers. Erich did all the editing and it's pretty sharp. It turned out so good, it looks like we'll be doing many more in the future. Possibly the next one will be about the Garmin Forerunner 301.

Also... Here's a hint at what's coming soon: ANDREA FISHER

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Spin Cycle, Baby!

Tune in to this podcast to hear an expose' on how I train over a weekend, deal with a baby, and play two kickin' songs. Make sure to listen to the end of the podcast for bloopers.

The music played is as follows:

Song: "My Fair Lady"
Artist: David Byrne (former lead singer of the Talking Heads)
From the Wired CD Compliation "Rip Sample Mash Share"
Creative Commons License

Song: "Havestar"
Artist: "i:scintilla" (Yeah, I know. That name isn't going to help them sell any records)
Album: "The Approach"
Year: 2004

"Havestar" came from the Podsafe Music Network. This is very exciting because I can easily supply listeners with cool music and it doesn't cost a thing. If you like the music, try buying their album. I checked out a couple more of their songs and they're really good. They have a mulitmedia website at with a music video as well.

Prof. Erich gave me a copy of the first episode of Zentri TV to review. It is very, very good. I can hardly wait to publish it for you all to check out. It's rather large (180 megs), but totally normal for shows of it's length and detail. If you're a bike geek, you'll love it!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Prison Swimming

Hola! Check out this podcast to hear my analysis on total immersion swimming, a preview of Zentri TV, and an interview with an ultra-runner.

Zentri TV's first episode is a really cool insider's look at what make's Giant Bicycles tick. We brought a video camera into a bike store after-hours and filmed a sales rep teaching the store staff all the ins and outs of Giant and I got to ask a few questions you guys would like to hear. It's going to be tough to trim 1.5 hours down to 20 minutes, but we'll try.

Chris is looking forward to any questions about distance and trail running. Post any questions as comments and he'll get back with you asap.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Noonday Tech Summit

Join me for a 46 mile ride around Noonday, TX as I talk about all things tech, play extremely rare audio of winning a 5k, rock out with American Heartbreak, and much more.

As I promised, here's some links from the show:
Samsung's iTunes Killer claims - here and here (check out motherload)
Bike Talk radio's winter tips

If you want to send me audio, you can always send mp3s to texafornia at I will play it on the show!

So a basic recap of the show is as follows - I go for a long bike ride on an unfinished highway near Noonday, TX. I start off by being chased by dogs, but then try to make it a techie show. I talk about silicone swimming gear and before playing audio from a race I ran the day before. Turns out that it was a 2.5 mile run, not 5k. This makes my pace in the low 7 minutes instead of 6 minutes, but still isn't bad for going barefoot and training at a very slow pace. I then talk some about Samsung's death threats against iTunes before playing some great music from American Heartbreak that I got from the Podsafe music network. Lastly, I mention how I watch Comedy Central's Motherload (streaming video) and that I would post a link to winter riding tips.

Stay safe and aero!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Trail Run from Hell

Stay tuned to the end of this podcast and you can find out how I was attacked by one of these bastards. I go for a trail run at Lake Somerville and describe my week from Hell; trying to train while on the road for work. I play listener audio from Singapore, fall down while running, Kai has an allergic reaction, stay at a youth hostel, go running at Rice University, visit the Apple store, find an army of leaf-cutter ants, get stuck in traffic, and interview a real radio personality all in one show. I'll add more notes here a little later in the day. Gotta run! (swim)

Ok, back again. I updated this post with a picture of my worst sting two days after it happened. You can see the line of dots where the spines stuck me. It also stung me in four other places. Listen to the podcast to get the scoop on all the symptoms I had. Nature attacks!