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Monday, January 30, 2006

Emily Co-hosts from within the Bento Box!

Alert! I need help videotaping the running championships this weekend in Huntsville, TX. If you are planning on being there and want to help, let me know. You'll be on TV!

Ok, this show starts off with Emily and me talking about triathlon (click here to listen) and then us playing the voicemails from people trying to win the Bento Box while we go for a 3 mile run. Afterwards, I take you with me to Aggieland Cycles, play audio from another podcast describing high energy foods, and then surfing in Galveston. There are over 22 different audio tracks in this show. See if you can find them all.

I was very lucky to be interviewed by Endurance Radio recently. I couldn't have made it this far without the help of all of you in the Zentri Army, so thanks! Click here to listen to the interview.

Also, Richard and I co-hosted an episode of Runcast Weekly recently. We were supposed to release the show jointly, but I was too busy trying to put together this current show to be able to do it justice. He is all about running, and so many of you are true runners and should subscribe to his show. I heard a rumor that he's going to have the true "Man" of barefoot running on soon. Check out my co-hosting episode here and I'll release it as a podcast myself if I can get the chance.

Lastly, I played a short clip from Podclimber on this show. If you're interested in this topic, here's the whole interview -

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Trail Running Championships

Zentri is very excited to anounce that I and the Professor will be covering the National Trail Running Championships in Huntsville, TX on Feb. 4. We will be getting audio AND video from the course of this 100 and 50 mile race. The biggest names in distance running will be there and we will be there to bring it all to you! Here is the link to the website -


Monday, January 23, 2006

Trashy Bikes and Fast Women

Hey, Tri-studs! I have another long show for you, most of it being a bike ride with some of my tri buddies. (Click here to listen) During the ride I promise to give you some links, so here they are: Gulfman Triathlon and Texas recumbent bikes. Ok, I didn't talk about the recumbents during the bike ride; I just found it today.

Anyway, I rode with my new adjustable stem angled up so I could be more comfortable in the aero position. What's so cool is that I can easily tweak it until I get it just the way I want it, then buy a solid one if I want. Nice. NICE! Here's some pics of it and they're also imbedded in the mp3. Still, it's become obvious that my bike frame is too small for me and I need a larger one. You listening, Javelin?

Scott sent me a great email about snowshoeing and how the show has helped him, so I asked him to send me an audio clip that I can play in the show. He's making it now, but here's the text while we wait:

"I wanted to mention a nice cross training activity for people living upnorth in the winter. I was up in Canada (Mont Tremblant) skiing with mygirlfriend and decided to spend one day in the national park snowshoeing.It was absolutely beautiful and a nice workout. We snowshoed 4.5 miles witha 300 meter elevation gain. There was no problem keeping warm even in 5degree weather. I used the Garmin 301 (bought on your recommendation) to keep track of distance and make sure I didn't get lost in the woods!"

Thanks, Scott! It's more input like yours that I'm wanting to put on the show in audio form. Send Mp3 or wav files to texafornia at

Lastly, Aggieland Cycling is giving us a Bento Box to give away on the show. You can see a picture of one in the pictures of my bike, just behind the stem. They are truly awesome and utilitarian. Be the 5th caller at 512-CRY-FDIC to leave a message saying what is your favorite aspect of Zen and the Art of Triathlon and you get it! You have to be in the USA and speak your mind in two minutes or less, ok? Cool. Audio will be played on the show, so speak clearly! It's so easy to do and you'll feel great after you did.

Make sure you listen for the very end of the podcast. It's what road riding is all about...

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Colonic Contemplations (Worst Episode Ever!)

Wow. I got so caught up making my next show, I forgot to post a blog entry for this one. (Click here to listen) Everything in my medical procedure worked out fine, by the way. Podcasts are a slice of life, and you can tell how irritable I was getting at the end of this one because I was so hungry. Emily came home around 1 pm and saved me with lots of goodies I was allowed to eat. I've got a pretty good show in the works, so here's the link I promised you and I'm going to move on.

Slow Life in Japan -,70013-0.html?tw=wn_tophead_11

Monday, January 16, 2006


This episode is extra phatty with chronic audio of all sorts of triathlon-related subjects. (Click here to listen) We have a rant from Cav about being a freak, audio from runs in Kingwood and Clear Lake Shores, TX (map pictured below), an interview with a NYC triathlete about S&S couplers for your bike, a rain-soaked attempt at GPSing a new 5k run course, a chat between Prof. Erich and I about lots of sports stuff, and probably something else I've forgotten already. It's an extra long show, but you've waited a long time and deserve it.

Cav has surpassed the $450 target, so now I'm leaving the button up just for listeners to support him as our sponsored racer, regardless of the event. I'll post the names and amounts of the latest donations soon, terrible nicknames free of charge.

Luke gets this show a full day before the rest of you poor saps because he won the Easter Egg contest, so he's probably out on his run, listening and laughing at the rest of you, laughing and running, running and laughing. He surely deserves whatever flack you send his way.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Floating Apples

Just checking in for those listeners wondering what's going down. Emily and I are spending the night on a boat in Galveston Bay tonight, recording a podcast as we run at locations around Houston. I think WiFi has become ubiquitous when you can pirate it in a marina. Maybe we should run up the Jolly Roger. Next show will also have audio from Australia and NYC. and probably some buddies and I setting up a 5k run course. Will most likely release it on Tuesday. News Flash: Looks like Apple will actually be making their own phone. I guess they'll take the lead on developing a truly usable all-in-one device.

Hell yeah, we should have a logo design contest. I had one a long time ago, but it never took off. Now we have a ton more listeners and some real demand. Any prize ideas?

-Tenacious B.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Go Cav! Update

Ok, we're getting really close. $8 more bucks gives us the $450 for Cav to make it to Ironman Australia. To be honest, paypal takes a tiny percentage off the top, so any little bit extra covers the $25 or so bucks for transfer charges. Convenience costs! Either way, this has been a huge success and has amazed everybody involved. Here's the chart (Yes, I realize it's ugly as hell. We're cheap here at the Go Cav! foundation) and the names of the latest donors:

Drew "Starbuck" - Cav's next to last mile
Rippin' Roberto - support cav's ironman bid
Jeffery (AKA CAV the original flava AKA C-Unit AKA Dugan Fife) - Go Cav
"Totally Aero" Kevin - Cav down under

Cav, I'll send you the money when I get a few more minutes. Probably this weekend.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Andrea Fisher Interview Part 2

Prof. Erich and I conducted our second interview with professional triathlete Andrea Fisher this Sunday and you can get the audio here. It was a great conversation with a relaxed tone, allowing us to discuss all kinds of topics; from heart rate monitors to bike frame materials. We discussed triathlon and other hobbies for a total of 45 minutes!

I also mentioned that Garmin has just released the 305. If you were planning on buying the 201 or 301, better hold off and check the 305 out here.

Next show will include audio from a caller in NYC about a special bike adapter for traveling, Erich and I talking about our surf trip, and news of a possible second Zentri TV episode about Javelin bikes.

If you look hard enough, you might find the Easter Egg hidden in the show. You'll know when you find it. Make sure to post a comment and claim it first! Also, if this is your first time listening to the show, you can subscribe to the show permanently through iTunes (link to your right) or through other software. Just ask how!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Go Cav! Update

Great News! The Go Cav! fund is now at $390. There is still plenty of time to donate and don't forget that you can leave your own message for him when you donate. Below are the names and messages of the wonderful triathletes and friends who have donated so far. If you don't want me to generate a nickname for you, provide your own.

Jammin' Jeffrey - Go Cav!
Tom S. (the "S" stands for Speed) - Go Cav Go!
Too Fast Todd S. - Cav - IM A. Good Luck!
"Don't Pet the Pavement" Pat - CAV-good luck Matt -We love ya! Pat and Dave
Dianna the Dominator - CAV-have a safe and fast race
Stormin' Norman - Go Cav!
D.W. "I love Fig Newtons" Johnson - Go Cav!
Drew H. (is he in the Hincappi family?) - CAV!
Brian "Vitamin K" K. - Cav in the Aussi Ironman! Way to go mate & good luck!
Paul "Pantani" R. - GO CAV
Edward "Eddie would go" (Google it) H. - Go Cav
Heidi "There is no H in Seattle" H. - Go Cav donation from Heidi
Jim "Vicarious Man" S. - Cav going to Ironman Australia. Congrats man! I'm living vicariously through you!
John B. - go cav - all the best
Donald "got the pump like Donald Trump" M. - Cav's Australian Ironman Fund

Friday, January 06, 2006

Commute Ride

Click here to listen to my bike commute home, which at times gets pretty sketchy. These pictures are of an audio mixer Prof. Erich built to allow us to use two mics while we interview Andrea Fisher this weekend. I include audio from both Cav and his girlfriend while I ride. He talks about the impacts of caffeine while training and she tells us how to maximize your potential of being a spectator at a race.

Erich and I are prepping for our interview with Andrea on Sunday evening. If you have any questions you want us to ask, post them in the comment section as soon as possible! Erich got part of his inspiration for the mixer he made from a project we saw on a dorkbot meeting's notes about Tristen Perich's one bit music project, where Tristen made a completely self powered album from within a clear music case. The links are nerdy-cool and here's some pics of Tristen's project. We checked out his music a while back and it was very interesting. The music at the end is actually a recording of me playing my ratty guitar with rusty strings. Thought it sounded nice...

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

6 Mile Dub

Happy New Year, Tri-geeks! I went on a 6 mile barefoot run and recorded a podcast while enjoying the perfect weather, playing six "dubbish" songs along the way. Nothing major to report, but here's the playlist. All songs came from the Podsafe Music Network:

Latin Groove : a.b.e. (Anthems of a Bygone Era)
Babylon System : Power Steppers)
mince meat : Dangerdoom)
I am not afraid : Majek Fashek
Gates of Dub : Power Steppers
Search for Zen : Mangomad

Speaking of playlists, does anybody know why podcasts downloaded by Doppler or Nimiq would show up twice in the playlist in iTunes or WMP?