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Friday, February 24, 2006

Triscoop Review with Drew

I'd like to thank Drew for taking the time to chat with me and record this podcast. We talk about lots of shizzle, including being a real man and wearing a speedo, the Tour of California, fixed-gear bikes, and tons of other stuff. I asked him to co-host because I knew he was really familiar with Maybe you'll be next!

The weather turned good enough for me to get one solid coat of primer on my Kuwahara. Prof. Erich is currently working in his mad scientist lab and turning out a hella sweet decal for the ride. Wait, I've got a copy of it around here.

Lastly, remember the scene from Something about Mary where the serial killer was upset because somebody might come up with 6 minute abs instead of 7 minute abs? What if Seven Cycles had competiton from Eight? Oh no!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Swim Rant

Yeah, so this podcast has me ranting about how to swim. It's my opinion that too many triathletes new to swimming look to Total Immersion only for the stroke instruction. They completely miss the boat on how to actually practice. Stroke technique is only half the picture.

I also play audio from Chris and I wandering around in the woods in 40 degree temps. We talk about heart rate, ferns, and my dalmation's fashion wear.

Music during the show is a killer tune by Sickidz - "The Flys". You can look them up under the "psychobilly" genre at

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Bike Update

I've stripped all the paint and rust off and I'm getting ready to repaint it chrome. I'm working on decals and came up with a cool one. I printed it out on paper and scotch taped it to the bare metal frame. It will look very similar to this. Kinda halfway between the Independent frame logos and Lemond. Orange and white on chrome will look super-sweet!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's,!

I'm very happy to bring you this podcast because Emily and I introduce you to! It's Zentri's new "home base" where the show really comes to life. Prof. Erich put in lots of hard work and designed it so it's as good as the best tri-sites out there, but the content can be driven by you, the listener. Not only can you submit news, articles, post on the forum, give shoutouts, check out gear reviews, get advice from a certified trainer, and review races, but once a week we will do a podcast and talk about the best of what's posted on the site. Sit back and listen to us pick out who's got the funniest posts, the coolest pix, most informative info, and whatever else is truly tri-geeked to the max.

Once again, Zentri brings you a triathlon first. We started with podcasting right from on top of a spin bike, then at race finish, next DURING an Ironman, then sponsoring an athlete's dream for Ironman Australia, and now a truly two-way triathlon podcast where the athletes drive the content in a way like never before. This platform is modeled after some of the most successful tech podcasts out there. Lots of you may not know yet that has been in action for a few days already and many listeners have provided tons of great content during this show. It's on fire! Go check it out!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Rocky Raccoon mp3

The podcast is up and available for download. I'll make a proper blog
entry later when I have more time. As usual, you blog readers get first
dibs. Link -

Interviews include the head timer, lead pacer, cameraman, course medic,
volunteers, racers, and a Hammer Nutrition spokesperson and racer.
Sound quality is spotty at times, but this wasn't an easy environment to
record in. Congrats to everybody racing and enjoy!


Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Mad Cyclist

Sup, Tri-studs? I put out this video to appease those in need of some Zentri. Editing the audio from this weekend's race is taking much longer than expected, so I thought I'd give you something easier to produce while you wait. It's a combo of two different takes and my first ever effort at video editing, so keep that in mind. Enjoy!

By the way, we've launched in beta form and you're invited to check it out. You can use the forum, post shout-outs, vote on the TDF poll, submit news and articles, and soon... something REALLY cool. This will eventually be the home base of this podcast and I can't wait! This will be the only tri-website with a supporting podcast where we talk about what people are posting. Go ahead and skip posting on the frapper forum or the forum on and use this one instead. Of course, blog readers are the first to find out and we'll keep it that way until you beta-testers give the site a good workout.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Preview to a Raccoon

I went out to cover the Rocky Raccoon 100 miler championships and got TONS of audio and video. It's going to take me at least a few days to edit the audio and get it out to you guys, so be patient. It will be well worth it, because I got the true "behind-the-scenes" perspective on how they put on a 30 hour race and also the perspective of a spectator. The world record for 100 miles of trail running was set on this same course and yesterday's winner was within 45 seconds of it, but I won't tell you if he was faster or slower until you listen to the show. He did it in just over 13 hours, which equates to a 7:48 minute mile. FOR 13 HOURS.

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


This episode takes you with me as I work on my newfound project - a mid eighties Kuwahara 12 speed (A very Japanese bike. Hard to imagine with that giant freakin' Rising Sun right on the name badge, eh?). I'm tearing it down to the frame and fork, Chris is helping me paint it, and then I'm turning it into a fixie with a completely extra rear wheelset with a 3-speed hub for races. Most of the time it will be a fixed-gear single-speed and I will enjoy its total simplicity as just a sweet ridin' piece of steel. I've rescued it from a garage where it was literally rusting to death. Please stay tuned over the next few months as I make this baby into a bitchin' ride. I can paint a new name on the downtube, so I'm taking requests! Also, if anybody can find more information about this bike model, I'd love to hear about it.

So, I'm going to cover the Rocky Raccoon 100 and still need a volunteer for some of the video taping. Some of the biggest names in running will be there and you will be able to walk right up to them and say things like "Hey, I heard you run fast. But do you drive a Dodge Ram like Emily from Zentri?" Or "Running 100 miles sound tough. Do you drill speed holes in your shoes or wear a Bento Box in your shorts?" I need to hear from you ASAP, so email me at texafornia at

I also played some great audio on this show from listeners, including a cancer survivor and an XTERRA hopeful in Switzerland. Enjoy!

UPDATE! The music you heard on this podcast is "Gone" by Shadoz Edge. You can click here to listen to more samples of their music and find out how to buy it. I was really impressed with each song, so check them out!