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Friday, March 31, 2006


Hey, Yos! I recorded myself while going for a night ride, blabbing about all things Triathlon. Turned out pretty sweet! Check it out here. Song is "Bike Ride" by ScanLan from the Podshow Music network.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Bluebonnet Express Part 2

Wuzzup, wizzles? The second part of the Bluebonnet is a killer 90 minutes long (Click here to listen) and this is the part with the bike wreck and surfing audio. Don't miss out on the part where Emily calls me "anal" and then starts mocking my voice.

I'm putting together the audio from doing the Simply Stu triathlon and recalling today's bike ride - 18.43 miles in exactly one hour in rolling hills, high wind, ON THE KUWAHARA! Gregg was snickering at me when we were saddling up, but I didn't here any more snickering after we got rollin'. TRACK BIKES ARE FAST!!!

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Bluebonnet Express Part 1

I recorded so much audio for my latest show, I'm going to have to break it up into two parts. Part 1 (Click here to listen) contains clips from me trying to ride my fixed gear bike for the first time, Emily and I prepping you for the Bluebonnet, and then some audio from the ride itself.

The Bluebonnet Express is a local fundraiser ride which draws about 1600 folks of all cycling abilities. Riders have an option of 25, 46, or 62 miles. We had sustained 22 mph winds that day and I rode a single-speed (48x18) for the 46 mile trip. Next week's show will contain a wreck from the ride and a "ride review" from Emily and myself. ENJOY!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Triscoop Review - Crouching Chuck Hidden Norris

Moonpie joined me for a long Triscoop review where we chatted about a vast number of triathlon topics and it all came crashing down when we saw that Drew was shaving himself and posting pictures online. I also dish out the story of how I came within 6 inches of Chuck Norris a few weeks ago.

Listen in to get the dirt on the possibility of a Triscoop Podcast Network. What do you think?

Sunday, March 05, 2006

March 5 Triscoop Review with Emily

Hey, tri-studs! Emily sat down with me on Friday evening and poured over in great detail. This is definitely the Metrosexual episode... or the Aerosexual... We talked about leg shaving, speedos, even vasectomies (gives me chills). Cav pipes in from down under to give us his experience in the speedo-happy land of Oz.

The Kuwahara bill has pushed us into the red, so we had to cut short our 5k race we were going to do and go run on our own instead. This weekend was one of the greatest ever, with us swimming, running, and biking to our hearts' content. I think I'll record a 'cast tomorrow night about what all we did and how we did it.

Kuwahara Pix

Ok, here's pics of my Kuwahara build, tattoo arm warmers, and my favorite t-shirt all in one push. The Kuwi still needs black bar tape, some touch up paint, and a bigger chainring, but all things with time (and mo money!) Arm warmers are sweet and shock people just for a second. The t-shirt comes from swimming at our outdoor pool for more than 50 miles or so during the winter months. You can look closely and it reads "only wimps swim indoors".

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Rocky Raccoon Video!

Sup, Tri-studerinos! We have for you the first podcast video of an offroad ultra-marathon, the Rocky Raccoon 100! Click here to download the video (plays in iTunes or Quicktime) and sit back to enjoy the pre-race meeting, interview with the winner, footage from the course, and the finish in the darkness of the forest at night. Thanks again to everybody involved and especially to Chris for letting me tag along. I think I'm going to do the 50 miler next year!

I released another podcast the other day with audio from me doing a brick workout at night. I almost get pinched between a car and brick mailbox and then Cody picks a fight with a very mean shadow. I also use a heart rate monitor the whole time and describe how I use it to get a better workout. You can download it here.

Lastly, the Kuwahara project is nearly done. It's sitting in my garage now after I picked it up from the bike shop. It's currently a single speed with coasting ability and the fixed gear is on order. It also has the wrong gear on the front - a 40 instead of a 48. I took it for a spin and it's roughly the same speed as a bmx bike, maybe a tad faster. The fit seems great and it's a real hoot riding a bike and not having any gears to worry about. The downside is that it had a flat (hole at the base of the valve) when I got it home, then another flat when I was out riding it, very far from the house. I called Emily on the cell and she came out to pick me up. I have one last tube and changed it again, then took the bike for one last spin. I took one of the dead tubes and cut out a section and made a chain slap guard out of it. I didn't take any pix because the sun had gone down and the paint looks too flat under artificial light. Probably some pix tomorrow. The correct gears should show up any day! Hasta Manana, yos!