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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Ironman Australia Podcast!

Hey, tri-homies! I finally got all the audio from Cav and got the time to assemble it into a podcast. (Click here to listen). It's great stuff from inside the mind of a first time Ironman who pulled it off in 11 hours! I also included two voicemails from the Tour de Georgia. Wow!

The intro music is the song EOF from Computer Science rapper MC Plus+. Check out his website at It's great stuff. Here's an email I got from him just yesterday -

"Brett B,What up homie? Of course you can play it patna. I really appreciate thatyou are feelin' what MC Plus+ is trying to do. Please play it and I'd appreciate if you could tell people that they can donate money so I can getthis second album to happen.Look out for the second album coming this summer.Much Love,MC Plus+"

The next podcast will be the audio from the MS 150 bike ride and then I'll have audio from a sprint triathlon. W00t!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Halfway through the MS150 and relaxing

Hey, yos! Halfway through the MS150 and relaxing in a team tent.
Riding singlespeed, which has been fun so far, but 'morrow is going to
be really hilly. Gregg's doing everything short of betting money that
I'm gonna have to walk some of the hills in particular. He doesn't know
about my Tyler hill training! More later.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

MS150 Prepping

Howdy, Yos!

I'm packing up tonight to do the MS150 (a looooooooooong bike ride) and I thought I'd update my blog. Wow, I've done a ton of podcasts since I last updated. Here's the list -

The Key to Pyramids

I dump a bunch of voicemails on ya from the Boston Marathon, Singapore, and the Tour de Georgia.

This House of Ironman is Built with Bricks

I play tons of voicemails as I cruise the Texas countryside and almost get hit by a car.

Coach Adam Holds Class

Coach Adam holds a conference call and answers training questions for over an hour.

Gizmo chat with Moonpie and Jetdriver

Moonpie and Jetdriver call in from sun-soaked Florida as they prepare for a sprint triathlon.

What Would Buddha Do?

Join me for a 9 mile run on a deserted Texas highway as I get dehydrated, sick, then talk about stuff I really don't know anything about. Bloopers at end.

Hope all this entertains you as you get some killer workouts in. Out!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Triscoop Review and Killer Junebugs

I've got two podcasts for you. The first is a Triscoop Review where Herr Professor and I sit down and chat about what's new on We introduce the new Race Database! Check it out and submit and check out races all over the world.

A few days later, I went out on a brick workout. You can listen to it by clicking here. I recorded the entirity of the bike ride and a few minutes after the barefoot run. I was attacked at the end by a rabid junebug the size of 16 pregnant watermelons, so don't miss it. I play several voicemails, talk about how to ride in a group, and babble on and on about HR, all while riding on country roads.