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Monday, June 05, 2006

Huck Hosts!

The only thing the Zentri Army likes to hear more than me being chased by dogs down a lonely Texas highway is the sweet voice of Mrs. Zentri giving me attitude. We sat down and I gave her the reigns to the show. I supplied her with some talking points and how to move the show along, but the rest is pure "Huck". Click here to listen!

Emily is a triathlete, extremely competitive with others, a mom, and also has type 1 diabetes. I really enjoy having her on the show because she brings the female perspective with vigor. "Huck" is training for her first Olympic distance race this July (Ironhead Dallas Triathlon) and may possibly do her first Half IM this fall at Lake Conroe. Being diabetic, nutrition poses a difficult obstacle, but that's all part of the game.

Listen closely and you can hear what it's like living with another competitive personality in the house. If she's not cutting me off, she's accusing me of hogging the show. Emily also gets tired of being refered to as the wife of a triathlete when she is one herself. If you have any personal questions for her, drop her a message at erhodes at No belly button piercing recommendations allowed! ;)

Show notes are as follows -

Breast cancer ride PSA

Brett's and Huck's workouts.

Audio from Syd. Also, he'll be sending us audio from biking in the lava
fields in hilo hawaii.

Cav's thread about getting married.

Voicemail about leather running outfit.

Time on Triscoop/computer vs. family.

Belly dancing/tattoos and piercings.

Underground racing.

Jumpy's test audio

Race in Grand Prairie-July 16th (olympic). Ironhead Dallas Triathlon

Tetetimetrial interview about Alcatraz coming soon.

2 new suprise sponsors

Big apple classic criterium coming from scott soon.


Blogger Kim said...

Brett, I enjoyed listening to this podcast, as I have many of your Zentri, although I just an ultrarunner.
But for pete's sake man, let Emily host!! Duct tape your mouth shut or something! LOL! I think you horned in on half the episode!!
It was enjoyable to listen to on my last long run before my race this weekend. Take care and keep up the good work!

5:12 PM


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