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Friday, June 16, 2006

Jetpack Arrives!

Join me for a scorching bike ride as I play "Pent Up" by CBA, some voice
mails, hold an initial review of the Adeo, and then go running with the
one and only Jetpack.

Listen to the Podcast here!

I first heard CBA's "Pent Up" at the tail end of a Slashdot Review
podcast a couple weeks ago. I was very impressed with the tune's
Zen-like sounds and depth, especially the asian flute and buddhist monk
chants. You can download this song yourself at

Voicemails include one from a listener in Chicago and a second one from
Jetpack saying he might come visit.

The Adeo is an audio-GPS from Motionlingo and certainly one of the most
interesting gadgets I've seen. I'm still testing it, but I can say that
this is the GPS for you if you listen to MP3s and don't like to have a
bulky GPS on your wrist. I can see lots of variations of this
technology coming in the future. Make sure to listen to the podcast to
hear the Adeo call out information as I'm working out. More review yet
to come! Here's a pic of the unit -

Lastly, Jetpack arrived in town and we went for a 5k run. We recorded it for the podcast and all of us stayed up late talking about triathlon, surviving cancer, and lots more. Jetdriver wants to try to do my next self-supported ironman with me, so I'm going to organize it around his schedule sometime this November.

Emily and I are getting ready to go tubing down the Guadalupe River with her family, so I've gotta cruise. I'll leave you with a funny picture from Jetdriver's visit. He had a "I do my own stunts" shirt that Kai and I had as well!


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